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Rextone Power was Founded in 2006 . already promoters of Uninterruptible Power Systems factory famous worldwide. Rextone Power is a Swedish company that is active in Ukraine, and Only operates in one location: in Ukraine, The continuous technological development of computers and telecommunications, imposes high reliability and efficiency, particularly in environmental as data-center, server rooms, data bases, banks, hospitals and industrial controls, where the electrical continuity guaranties the utility quality.

Rextone Power Company is made up by sales and technical teams with twenty year experience in UPS and in power supply distribution.

Rextone Power, besides being UPS producer, provide a high efficient technical support in pre- sales and post-sales, for all distributors and customers worldwide and an high ratio quality against price is guaranteed.

The technical department is able to develop the data-center since design up to installation and maintenance.

Our company's agents in different countries:

Gatsoff Shock Company Gmbh. | - Adrress: Berlin, KGA shonwald 125 - +49 4921 000 000-0


PRENILLA CO. Ltd. | - Adrress: Milan, Via Gian Rinaldo Carli, 8 - +39 02 000000


REXTONE RUS. | - Adrress: Moscow, Annenskaya st. 7k , No.2- +7 00000000


Rextone Power Sweeden. | - Adrress: Sandhamnsgatan 4 - +46 000-00 00 00


Moveled Electronic Dena Co. | - Adrress: First Flour, Armita Building, against Zanbagh amusement park, Kashani avenue, Tehran, Iran - Tel:982125917133 - Email: madtehran@yahoo.com

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