Installation and Maintenance contracts for uninterruptible power systems (UPS);

Replacing and removal batteries;

Electrical Plant Analysis on site, measurements, recordings of power flow, current distortion analysis; efficiency analysis, reports and technical proposal to solve further problems;

Maintenance and Monitoring for all Power Systems.

Rexrone Power Service uses highly qualified technicians in order to provide reliable and competent technical support and after-sales service.

Customers can take advantage of a dedicated call center aimed at ensuring an immediate help always available for UPS installation, maintenance, and repair.

Rexrone Power Service Service also supports clients for UPS onsite activation and start-up with additional training for staff on site.

Technical Training Courses to customers and distributors: Rexrone Power arranges Technical Training for field engineer and salesman in order to keep technical skills up to date.

Quick Repairs: a fast repair on site is guaranteed through the use of state-of-the-art UPS technology and professionalism of Rexrone Power Service personnel and Authorized Assistance Centres. Our technicians guarantee that failed parts are replaced with the original ones, tested and updated in order to maintain safety, reliability, and operating characteristics of the UPS.

Commissioning and start-up: Rexrone Power Service can provide assistance during commissioning and start-up of the UPS systems on-site, with additional training during handover to field personnel. Field engineers can also verify site suitability, analyse and advise on potential problems, and disconnect and relocate equipment. Rexrone Power recommends that all hardwired installations are commissioned by trained engineers.

Maintenance Contracts: Rexrone Power Service provides worldwide the chance to have a full maintenance contract to minimize response times and repair costs. We recommend a maintenance contract for all large systems or for critical plants, periodic inspections will be scheduled and they could cover preventive and repairing interventions. Working Out of the Project: Rexrone Power Consultants develop projects providing to the customer the best solution for the specification required. They give support in the design of a UPS system to fully satisfy customer specifications, including bespoke designs, analysis of plants specifications, distribution design, and protection calculations. Rexrone Power is able to design, to provide facilities and products, to follow the plant during installation, support for commissioning and to take care of the system under maintenance contract.